Scan and Reset Tools for BMW and Mini

Thank you for visiting our website. Peake Research Corporation is now in its 29th year of manufacturing and selling high quality, affordable electronic tools for BMWs. Our longevity is due to our long standing commitment to making affordable and easy-to-use diagnostic and reset tools for BMW automobiles. We are pleased to offer the following line of specialty electronic tools for BMWs and BMW-based Mini Coopers.


  • R5/FCX-3 Engine Scan/Reset Tool for BMWs 1987-2007: Tap into your BMW's inner thoughts with this easy to use engine fault-code reader and engine light reset tool. Scans BMW factory engine diagnostic codes (not the misleading OBDII codes). Resets engine lights, plus it resets the SI lights "oilservice and inspection" (Note: will not reset CBS). Features compatibility with Diesel BMWs. Includes code book. A great value starting at only $149.99 MSRP
  • R5/EMX Engine Scan/Reset Tool for Mini Coopers 2001-2006: Scans Mini engine diagnostic codes, resets Check Engine / Service Engine Soon light (MIL lights), oilservice and inspection, lights. Includes code book. A great value at only $129.99 MSRP.

  • R5A/B - Basic service light reset tool for select BMWs only. $49.95 MSRP