The R5/EMX
Scan/Reset Tool for Mini Cooper 2001-2006

Reads all engine fault codes, resets service engine soon, oilservice and inspection!


  • Available for Mini Coopers (includes S models) built between 2001- 2006.
  • Displays all engine fault codes; allowing you to do your own engine diagnostic!
  • Resets the "Service Engine Soon" light.
  • Resets the Oilservice and Inspection lights, and service mileage.
  • Very easy to use (compares to checking your oil, it's that easy!)
  • Low cost at just $129.99.
  • Includes instruction manual and code chart

Message to Mini owners:

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, you need an R5/EMX!
Has your Mini ever stalled, been slow to start, idled poorly or hesitated during acceleration? Has the "Service Engine Soon" light come on when everything seemed fine? Have you brought your car to a repair shop with an engine or service light on, received a costly repair bill, and wondered if the repairs and charges were legitimate? Or wondered if you could have just done the repair yourself?

Without the R5/EMX scan and reset tool from Peake Research, you may be forced to accept what the repair/service center tells you and charges you. Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what's wrong before you bring your Mini in for a repair? Or, better yet, if you're handy with tools you can avoid the repair shop altogether. Rrun your own diagnostic and fix the problem yourself! That is, if your car even needs a repair. Read on...

What is the Engine light trying to tell me?
The Mini's Service Engine Soon light can mean any number of things. Sometimes it's alerting you to the real need for a repair, so the Engine light is something you should never ignore. But quite often it is merely indicating one of the many, simple (top off your coolant, loose gas cap or oil cap) type problems. Imagine paying a hundred dollars to a repair shop to tighten your radiator cap and reset the Engine light. Without the R5/EMX, you're stuck staring at your Engine light until you're in the mood to see the mechanic who can reset it.

Are you starting to see that the R5/EMX makes lot's of financial sense? There's more...

Routine Maintenance Lights
As an added benefit, the R5/EMX includes the ability to reset the oilservice and inspection, routine maintenance lights, and the maintenance mileage count-down indicator. Considering that an oilservice for a Mini can sometimes equal the price of the R5/EMX, this feature alone is worth the price of the R5/EMX.

Indispensable for mechanics and Mini owners, here's why:

  • Compact size
  • Very easy to use (compares to pumping your own gasoline - it's that easy!)
  • Inexpensive
  • Available for any Mini from 2001 to 2006; Cooper and Cooper S.
  • Durable enough to withstand daily use by professional mechanics.

According to our toughest critics (mechanics), we have succeeded with flying colors! At this price, every mechanic can afford at least one.