Basic R5: Oil / Service Reminder Light Tool
(Models R5/AS14, R5/BM20)

This tool is not recommended for most applications Why?.

Super easy to use:
Since you are visiting this website, you are more than capable of using the basic R5; it's easier than pumping your own gasoline! It only takes 15 to 20 seconds to reset your oil service and maintenance lights. This is the perfect tool for a lube shop technician with an occasional need to reset an older BMW's oil reminder light.

Very affordable:
The basic R5 reset tool is quite inexpensive. At $49.95, we offer tools that are compatible with BMW year 1982 - 1988 (15 pin) and 1987 - 1999 (20 pin).

Note: To reset service lights beyond 1999 you will require the R5/FCX-3 scan and reset tool.

Tested and warrantied:
Every unit shipped since 1989 has been fully tested to ensure proper reset characteristics, and above all, to preserve the proper operation of your BMW's internal electronics. Warranty is 90 days parts and labor.

Comparison: The "basic" R5 -- vs. -- The R5/FCX-3

At $49.95, the basic R5 will not reset the Engine light, service engine soon, or check engine light. Furthermore, the basic R5 will not read or reset engine trouble codes. The R5/FCX-3 at $149.99 will do all of those! In addition, it will reset the oil reminder and inspection lights. The advantages are clear to both BMW owners and technicians.

The above "engine" lights are very common and will force you into a repair shop, where a single diagnostic code check usually costs over $100 (the difference in price between the two tools.) While most shops are honest, we've all had a repair bill that just didn't sound right. Wouldn't it be nice to have some advanced knowledge before you go to the shop? With the R5/FCX-3, even a caveman (Sorry Geico Caveman) can protect his wallet. The R5/FCX-3 will help you determine the cause of an Engine light, reset it, and often avoid the inconvenience and expense of a repair shop visit altogether!

The basic R5 is $99 less than the R5/FCX-3, but are you actually saving $99? How many of the following repair shop visits can you get for $99?

The $49.95 "basic" R5 will NOT help you with any common
"Check Engine" and "Service Engine Soon" lights.

Cause of engine light or problem:

Basic R5

Service Maintenance Light Yes Yes
Trouble caused during an oil change (very common)   Yes
New (perfectly good) filters or tune-up parts   Yes
Loose or bad gas cap (or seal)   Yes
Loose or bad oil cap (or seal)   Yes
Engine over temp   Yes
Poor quality fuel   Yes
Topped off fuel tank   Yes
Oxygen sensor (2~4 per car, every 30k +/-)   Yes
Pumping gas while engine is running   Yes
Racing / Track Days   Yes
Performance driving   Yes
Hesitation   Yes
Misfiring   Yes
Rough idle   Yes
High or low idle   Yes
Hard starts (car takes a long time to start)   Yes
Stalling   Yes
Poor performance   Yes
Poor fuel economy   Yes
Inability to pass smog   Yes

If you are serious about maintaining your BMW, and recognize the true cost of BMW ownership, the best choice is clear; the R5/FCX-3.

Why do we continue to make and sell the Basic R5 if we do not recommend it? We actually do recommend it to quick lube shops, and people who will be owning their car for just a very short period of time.