Which tool should I order?

R5/SRS: 1994-2000*
R5/SRS-16: 2001-2002

* Mechanics; The compatibility range of the R5/SRS can be extended to 2002, by simply adding the AB03 adaptor. In other words, the R5/SRS combined with the AB03 adaptor will give you a compatibility range of 1994 - 2002, noting the exceptions below.

Known Incompatibilities:

- Our SRS/Airbag tool compatibility falls off sharply around mid 2002. Flagship BMWs, such as the 7 series, are the least likely to be compatible.

- We have received reports of a "perpetual" 01 code on the model year 2000, 323i.

- Our SRS/Airbag tool is not compatible with any BMW built before 1994.

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