Technical Support

Contacting Technical Support:

Before contacting technical support, please have the following information ready:

  • Peake Research tool model number (examples; R5/FCX3-16, R5/SRS).
  • Year and model of the car. ( example "2007 X3" )
  • Tool purchase date or serial number, see below.

Also helpful:

  • Tool firmware # (press "Go" while plugging in tool)
  • Engraved number on side of tool. (very faint)


Phone support: 1-800-231-6861 (non US 408-369-0406) Hours 9am to 3pm PST
Important Note: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide assistance with code related questions, as we are not knowledgable in the field of automotive trouble shooting.

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Replacement manuals for our tools